“These books combine the best strategies that brain research offers us to get young children excited about what they can do for themselves to be healthy and safe. In the process, they also get excited about becoming better readers. This is a far more effective approach than trying to undo years of accumulated bad habits and missed learning opportunities.”

-Daniel Watts,
MD, Family Practice and Gynecology


What About Lunch?

“This is exactly what we are trying to teach; only it’s beautiful and it rhymes.”
Nutrition Department Review – Sarasota County Schools

“This book is beautifully illustrated, engaging and easy for kids to follow and understand.
It delivers an important message. Congratulations!
I recommend it to all programs that deal with preventing childhood obesity.”
Michael Hutton, Ph.D. – Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida

“The What About Lunch? books reinforce our Fit Kids Program.”
First Grade Teacher – Sarasota Public School


Riding In Cars

“My students loved taking a book home to share with their families. They loved the illustrations. I had a couple of students tell me that their parents are wearing seatbelts now, because they read the book to them. They were proud.”

“Prior to the students reading Riding in Cars, there were mixed responses about wearing seatbelts. Students said their parents or big sister or brother did not wear a seatbelt. When they shared the books with their families, students were excited that they were helping their family to wear seatbelts.”
Alta Vista Elementary School Teachers – Sarasota, Florida

“Your book was critical for us, at this time, with our kids. It is well-organized and explained. Thank you.”
-Roberto Chau

“Your book is terrific and is very compatible with the philosophy of nurturing.”
-Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek
Founder of the Nurturing Programs

“Belief, values, understandings and expectations are what If Only They Came with Instructions is all about.
It is an invaluable resource for parents, grandparents and for anyone who cares about the future of all of us, together.”
-Bonnie D. Gerrard, M.Ed, M.A.

“This book makes parents step back from the day to day whirlwind of family life and recognize that their responsibility is no less than this:
Parenting is one of the most complicated, difficult and challenging jobs of our life. And future lives depend upon our success.”
-Mary Harrington, Editor, Gloucester Daily Times

photo 2“Great delivery of very important information for kids. Find a way to get these books into their hands.”
Norman Goldstein MD – Beloved pediatrician who inspired many by his lifelong commitment to children.

Relationship-Relevance-Rigor – The 3 R’s that truly make a difference in literacy outcomes.

Relationship – Connecting parents, children and teachers, connecting school and home.
Relevance – Providing children with immediately usable information that they see as valuable.
Rigor – Challenging children to greater levels of achievement, increasing academic and social skills.

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