Meet Thea Dorable

Thea Dorable is not your ordinary teddy bear. Thea is a very special and very fuzzy teddy bear who would like all children to be safe and healthy.

Children can count on Thea to be a great pal!

These books create a powerful connection between school and home, between parents and teachers. They can be introduced in the classroom and brought home by children to share with their families.

Book Titles Best for 3-8 year old children


Riding in Cars

A vibrantly illustrated book that drives home the
importance of seat belt use in easy to remember rhyme.

See how this book is saving lives and
avoiding injury through seatbelt use by clicking on OUTCOMES.


What About Lunch?

This book helps young children understand
the importance of healthy eating and
an active life in the early years.
Healthy habits developed early
last a lifetime.


The Little Chicken that Could

This book helps children explore
what they want to do when they grow up
and to think about what knowledge
and skills they might need in
order to do that job.

Real information for real kids!

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